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Product development, from idea to prototype

80% of the impacts can be reduced at the design stage. Therefore, this is a crucial element in creating sustainable food systems, one product at a time. Using a human-centered approach, I guide my clients step-by-step on how to go from idea to prototyping.

Impact Assessment

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  Assessing your products for environmental and social impacts can help you undercover the areas that need  attention. Also, it will provide you with the information to communicate about your efforts to your consumers. Let me break down this complex topic into simple, applicable steps to help you get started in your journey towards more sustainable food products and processes.

Innovation strategy

I work with R&D teams to discover and design innovation opportunities aligning their strategies with the SDGs.  I help my clients bring sustainable food products that meet their consumer’s expectations and the planet’s needs into the market.

Mapping the road from idea to market

You do not have to be a food scientist to put a product on the market. However, you definitely need to learn the rules of the game. I can help you understand the key components to consider if you decide to step into the food business. I will show you the route to go from idea to market, and most importantly, I will teach you how to create a product with a positive impact.

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